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End of Summer Party

"We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost."
It's last minute but we all agree it's time to squeeze in another Party in the Woods before Summer is gone completely. So gather your friends, your tents, and your country clothes for a long night in the woods, far enough away to forget your troubles.

Let's "put summer to bed", under the half-moon of mid-September, among friends old and new, with wild abandon and space to roam. 

Who: Friends and Family, all ages are welcome, but the littler ones usually make way home shortly after dark. Invite and Bring friends but please don't publish any party information publicly on the internet.

Where: This is hosted at my treehouse studio, on the north shore near Abita Springs, an hour north of New Orleans. Because of the location, I encourage everyone to bring a tent and set up camp on the land and stay the night. If you don't have a tent, you can bring a sleeping bag and call dibs on the floor of the treehouse as space allows. (It's a three-floor free-for-all)

What: Food, drink, music, swimming, slip n slide, movie projections, tromps through the dark woods, bonfire, and a lantern release at midnight. 

Why: To cling to Summer. To forget your troubles, failures and every person who broke you down. To run free. To make a fire. To cozy up. To let loose. To make the day feel long again, like it did on field trips in grade school. To make friends. To sleep outside. To remember what it feels like to say... "I loved today."

Most of you know what to expect already, but for those who are new...
Bring: swimsuit, towel, tent and camping stuff, a change of clothes, wear your Outdoor Attire! (it's the country: boots, bug spray, light jacket, shorts, long pants, etc etc.) Drinks, Games, Flashlight.

My house is a lofted cabin on 3 acres, but we use and traverse a 15 acre plot owned by my neighbors Hank and Bobbie. They are kind enough to let us party all over their land (and they love having us over!) but it's important to be respectful. The Plantation house is where the pool is located and where the party starts. No one lives there and it's very old, but there is electricity and bathrooms. The barn is adjacent and contains 2 horses which will be in the far pasture for the party. The middle pasture and barn yard will be open for setting up camp. There are two paths through the woods from there. One goes to the big pond. The smaller path goes to my treehouse and my workshop and outdoor area which is where the second half of the party takes place. 

Here's the loose schedule in case you are trying to plan:

3:00pm - Navigate to 21445 Oswald Rd. Covington, LA ; Park in the field and Follow signs to first stop:
Swimming and Adult Slip n Slide at the Plantation

6:00pm - Set up camp in the barn yard and horse pasture before dark 

Then make way through the woods to the Treehouse for Camp dinner (organic hot dogs and corn cob on the grill) If you want to bring anything to throw on the grill, feel free. (Ice chests are somewhat limited so BYO small cooler if possible.)

We MIGHT have a "Paintball Wall" which would involve people throwing paint drenched sponges at a large white outdoor wall, creating a Pollock-like rainbow splash tapestry. (Still undecided) but in which case you Should most definitely bring a swimsuit or outfit that could get stained. And be prepared to hose-off after. And change into clean and dry attire for the evening. 

8:30pm - After Dinner, get ready for a rowdy game of True American! You've prob only seen it on New Girl, or never heard of it, but it's time to bust all of our True American cherries, and prove our pride with presidential knowledge, white lies, and PBR. Don't worry, we will explain the rules, but just know it involves A Castle with a King, Pawns of PBR, a ground which is molten lava, and (in our case) hay bales you must traverse to conquer the castle. There can only be one winner. And yes, there is a prize. 

10:00pm - After True American, pull up a hay bale for an outdoor in-your-face viewing of the grindhouse style romp "Baytown Outlaws" which was filmed on the northshore. It stars Billy Bob, Eva Longoria, that kid from Love Actually, and some other hunks you dont know but you'll want to... Basically its a DGT (Damn Good Time). 

Midnight - Meet in the middle of the horse pasture for a Thai Wish Lantern Release before we all say goodnight to Summer and each other. 

The next morning: Everyone tends to disperse on their own schedule. Feel free to rise early and hopefully catch Val riding bareback or say hello to Hank. Pitch in and help pick up trash on your way out if you don't mind. Feel free to gather your scattered belongings in the light of day and pack up your campsite. You can find bathrooms in the Plantation house, the workshop or the Treehouse. (Sorry, no showers). 

There is a waffle house and donut shop nearby to provide a place to nurse your hangover. 

Here's hoping you all decide to come on out and make this one a party to remember (and forget). 

Before the party: Use this event page to coordinate carpools. 

After the party: Use this Event page to share photos and track down lost belongings. 

You can contact me by phone or text with RSVP, questions, directions, or anything else.

Lotsa Love,